COMPETITION DATES: State Competition is Friday March 25, 2022 at NCSSM-Durham (in-person)
REGISTRATION DATES:  not yet posted.  Students compete regionally before states


Message from the Director 11/08/21

Summer and Fall are the season to consider doing a research project! 

For our regional competitions, each region Director will determine a virtual or in-person format based on the requirements of the physical location the event is typically held.  The format of our state competition is tentatively in-person, but may change depending on local school system or our event hosts restrictions, and/or availability of local teachers/staff to support an in-person experience.

We are grateful NCSAS regional directors and Dr. Amy Sheck, Dean of Science at NCSSM and former NCSAS Director,  were able to offer our regional and state sharing and competition events in 2020 and 2021.  Tentatively we will hold our 2022 event in-person at NCSSM Durham.

We have posted more resources this fall on our FAQ and Teacher support pages.  The regional competition dates and locations (and format of virtual or in-person) will be added by mid-November.

Message from the Director 2/19/21

Hello Participants

The NCSAS State Competition will be held remotely this spring. Because of the remote format, we have reduced the price to $10/presenter. We had a great remote event last year and we look forward to the same this year. We know everyone is already an expert with video chat, so we are ready to go! We hope to see you on the 19th of March!. 

Registering for the NCSAS State Competition

Your District Director will let you know if you have qualified for the State competition and will provide you with a password for registration.



First, make sure that you meet the Project Guidelines.


Then, Register through the link above. 


Before submitting, please read the following:


  • The following is appllicable onlye when the meeting is in person - (While at the meeting, the chaperones are responsible for the safety and conduct of the students under their care. NCSAS cannot assume any liability for persons attending this meeting. The cost of the registration includes a box dinner.) 


  • In submitting the registration form, students and teachers/chaperones acknowledge that they have read the guidelines for the Advanced Category and certify that to the best of their knowledge, this paper either does or does not meet any of the criteria which would place it in the Advanced category.


  • You must include a completed Animal Use Form if you use animals in your research.


  • Students who participate in an NCSAS District or State Competition automatically become members of NCSAS.

      2021 Schedule 

Friday March 12, Detailed instructions sent out for students and judges.

Friday, March 19:

      3:00 pm, registrants may join the main zoom session.

      3:30 pm, Keynote speaker, Martha Alexander-Miller, Immunology, Wake Forest Univ.

      4:15 pm, instructions to participants, move to zoom break-out rooms.

      4:30 pm, presentations begin.

      6:30 pm, students move back to the main zoom session for the student election.

      7:00 pm, close the event.

 Tuesday, March 23, Winners are posted to the website.